Our Philosophy

As Young Children Play, They Develop Strategies And Form Relationships That Enable Them To Create A World That Makes Sense.

Each year at Fort Hunt Preschool we work toward the following goals:

  • To provide a safe, healthy, attractive learning environment staffed by well trained, understanding teachers who encourage the development of a positive self-concept in each child;

  • To help each child understand his/her own feelings and emotions, as well as those of his/her peers, and to express them in constructive ways that enable him/her to interact with other children and adults in a positive manner;

  • To create a positive atmosphere and provide activities that encourage children to explore and discover the world in their own way and in their own time;

  • To provide activities and equipment that encourage the child's physical development;

  • To provide a variety of equipment and materials in the areas of art, music literature and dramatics that will allow the children to manipulate, experiment and express the world as they see it;

  • To offer activities that encourage the development of language skills to the greatest extent possible;

  • To create an atmosphere in which parents can develop a better understanding of their own children by observing them in a group setting, and make a greater contribution to their own child's growth and development by working in the classroom.

Research based studies maintain that parents are the first and ultimately the best and most influential teachers. To this end, we are dedicated to providing services to our community within the context of the family. Parents are provided opportunities and are encouraged to assist in many aspects of school development and operation. Establishing a genuine partnership between children, parents, and teachers in an educational setting benefits everyone.

The Fort Hunt Preschool Philosophy, Curriculum, And Classroom Practices Are Based On Findings From Professional Resources And Research In The Field Of Early Childhood Development And Education.
Fort Hunt Preschool

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