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At Fort Hunt Preschool, we recognize that play is the primary means by which children explore, investigate, and understand the world.


Our play-based, nature-focused curriculum does the following:

  • Supports children's cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development

  • Promotes each child's personal growth and positive self-image

  • Encourages creativity and independent problem-solving 

  • Emphasizes observation of and respect for the natural world

Incorporates a wide variety of sensory materials and experiences to discover the world through art, music, science, mathematics, language, and physical activities

Small Class Sizes

Maintaining low child-to-adult ratios is one of our highest priorities. Our small classes allow our teachers to develop relationships with each child. Teachers develop their own daily curriculum so that the needs and interests of each child are reflected in the specific activities and equipment presented.

Our Cooperative Approach

Your child's first steps from home to school are important to you, and our cooperative approach provides the ideal transition. At Fort Hunt Preschool, parents assist in the classroom on a rotating basis and hold special school-related jobs. Your participation puts you and your child at ease, allows you to share your child's experience first-hand, and shows your child how much you value education. Together, families and teachers create a caring and supportive community. 


Learn more about Parent Co-op Responsibilities.

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