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Our Program's Aim Is To Foster Every Child's Unique Qualities. At Fort Hunt, Our Focus Is On The Whole Child, Across All Developmental Domains: We Help Children Develop Socially, Emotionally, Physically, And Cognitively.

Opportunities for growth in all these areas are offered without emphasizing one aspect of development over another, and we recognize that a child's development is not linear. Our play-based curriculum offers great flexibility to meet the needs of the children in a class over a wide spectrum of abilities.

Play that incorporates a wide variety of materials and experiences is the primary component of our program. Children are given opportunities to manipulate and explore so they may discover and create, to make decisions, to use their imagination, and to learn to think for themselves. Our intent is to make learning fun and exciting and to help each child become aware that s/he is a unique individual. We present special opportunities to discover the world through art, music, science, mathematics, language, and physical activities. Nature and the observation of the natural world are emphasized in our classes.

Maintaining low child-to-adult ratios is one of our highest priorities. Our small classes allow our teachers to develop the relationships with each child which are the hallmark of our program. Teachers develop their own daily curriculum so that the needs and interests of each child are reflected in the specific activities and equipment presented. Our experienced teachers understand that children put as much of themselves into their creative activities as adults put into their work, and therefore provide an environment that promotes each child's personal growth and positive self-image. Creativity and creative problem solving are encouraged.

All of our classes provide a variety of age-appropriate activities, including opportunities for both teacher-directed and self-directed tasks. The children's opportunity to make their own choices and decisions is fundamental to our program. Daily schedules provide a balance of active and quiet activities, individual and group activities, and include small- and large-motor activities, language and communication experiences, sensory experiences, art or music activities, and dramatic play. Outdoor play is an important part of the daily schedule for all of our classes regardless of the weather, as long as it is safe to venture out. Children progress through our program, the experiences of each year building upon those of the previous year.

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