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At Fort Hunt Preschool, We Recognize That Play Is The Primary Means By Which Children Explore, Investigate, And Understand The World.


Children are provided rich opportunities to deepen their understanding, choosing from a wide variety of materials, equipment, and activities. This child-directed, teacher-supported approach to learning through play best supports children's cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. Our experienced teachers promote each child's personal growth and positive self-image, helping each child meet challenges with confidence. Creativity and independent problem-solving are encouraged. We understand that children put as much of themselves into their creative activities as adults put into their work. Learn more about Our Program or read our Frequently Asked Questions.


Our Cooperative Approach


Your child's first steps from home to school are important to you both. Our cooperative preschool provides the ideal transition. At Fort Hunt Preschool, parents assist in the classroom on a rotating basis and hold special school-related jobs.

Parents and teachers collaborate to provide the best experience for your child. Your participation puts you and your child at ease, allows you to share your child's experience first-hand, and shows your child how much you value education.

Together, families and teachers create a caring and supportive community. Children and parents make friendships here that last a lifetime. Learn more about Parent Responsibilities.

Fort Hunt Preschool

1909 Windmill Lane
Alexandria, VA 22307


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