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4s Program Virtual Tour - Explore below!

Our 4s classroom consists of three connected room spaces. Each space has its own unique theme and selection of activities perfect for child-choice exploration.


The Ocean Room is the first room the 4s Sea Turtles will walk into and it is where they will hang their coats and find their cubby. In this room they will be greeted by a teacher and have the opportunity to play in a sand table, water or other sensory bin, create in the open art center, paint a picture on the easel (the paints are ALWAYS open) or engage with a rotating fine-motor activity with their teacher. 

The Ocean Room


The Ocean Room also houses our school library. Our library holds over 1,500 titles that our families are welcome and encouraged to check out and read at home. We are proud of our large selections celebrating diverse family constellations, schoolmate abilities, and cultural diversity, as well as our selections of social emotional learning and behavioral management books. 

You can check out our online catalog here:

FHP Library

The Library

The City Room

The City Room is the most popular space and holds most of the Child-Choice Center options. Students can practice building, architecture, and STEM concepts in the Construction Center, engage in imaginative play in the Dramatic Play Center, experiment at the Light Table, cooperate with others to solve a Puzzle, or learn about their community by reading books about different cultures, holidays, and families. Each center is set up strategically to support uninterrupted play, and all materials are always available. 


The Forest Room is home to the 4s Class's Circle Time & Morning Meeting area where the student share ideas, listen to stories, participate in movement activities, learn the Letter/Sound of the Week and discuss the plan for the day. It also houses our school Nature Center, pet tortoise Dennis, and Enchanted Reading Corner. We often will have guests from the other classes in The Forest Room and have some school activities. 

The Forest Room

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