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What hours is school in session?

  • 9:15 am-12N for 3s (M, W, F) and 4s (M through F) classes

  • 9:15 am-11:45 am for 2s (T, TH) (Note: 2s pick up time is graduated for the first 3 weeks of school to support the transition to school, progressing to 11:45 am)

Parent helpers arrive at 9:00 am to help set up, and clean the classroom at the end of school.

What are your class sizes and child-to-adult ratios?

Maintaining low child-to-adult ratios is one of our highest priorities. Our small classes allow our teachers to develop a relationship with each child, which is the hallmark of our program. Our school-wide enrollment each year ranges from 28-40 children.

  • 2-year olds: 8 students 4:1 ratio in 2s

  • 3-year olds: 10 students 5:1 ratio in 3s

  • 4-year olds: 10 students 5:1 ratio in 4s

How much is tuition?

Our current tuition rates can be found on our Admissions page.

What age group is right for my child? What if my child is gifted?

A child must be the appropriate age for his/her class on or before September 30. For example, a child is eligible for the 3-year-old class if s/he will turn 3 by September 30. This age cutoff is applied even if a child appears advanced. At FHP, we focus on the whole child across all developmental domains. We recognize that a child's development is not linear. Our play-based curriculum offers excellent flexibility to meet the needs of the children in a class over a broad spectrum of abilities.

How much experience do your teachers have?

Our professional staff members have degrees in Education and fields related. Additionally, many of our staff have had the experience parent helping at Fort Hunt Preschool and other Parent cooperatives. Each staff member completes a minimum of 16 hours of continuing education/training each school year. When hiring, we ensure that staff truly understand our educational philosophy.

Do you require background checks?

Parents, Teachers, and Teaching Assistants must complete two background checks: the VA Dept. of Social Services-Child Protective Services Central Registry Search and a Fingerprint Background Search. New staff and parent helpers also undergo personal reference checks.

Do parents teach the classes?

Our teachers are responsible for curriculum and class management. Parent helpers assist the teacher in supervising the children. As classroom assistants, parent helpers must attend orientation before assisting in the classroom and obtain 4 hours of training during the school year pursuant to our state license.

How do parent volunteers obtain the required training hours each year?

In addition to orientation, we usually offer on-site training sessions during the school year. Our training coordinator also notifies members of training opportunities in the greater community and online. We believe our mission to educate our members is much broader than the state's requirement. We strive to educate and inspire our members as parents, as their child's first and most important teacher, and as members of the community.

How often will I work in the classroom?

Parents help in the classroom an average of one to two times a month, depending on the size of the class and the number of days class is held per week.

How do I parent help if I have an infant or am expecting a baby?

Siblings may not stay in the classroom while you are parent helping, as the presence of a sibling may take your attention away from the class and from your time with your child. Many members trade babysitting services with another family in the class or in the school. Families with new babies are given a six-week family leave during which parent helping obligations are waived.

What is your potty training policy?

We do not require a child to be potty trained to attend Fort Hunt Preschool. We recognize that potty training will happen on the child's timetable, not yours or ours.

How do I help my child make the transition from home to school?

Our teachers will guide and support your child's transition to school. Before the start of school, each teacher makes a "home visit" to each child in the class to begin laying the foundation for the development of their relationship. The home visit allows your child to meet the teacher one-on-one. Our summer playgroup also provides an excellent opportunity for children new to FHP to gain familiarity with the school surroundings and meet other FHP students, as well as for new families to meet other member families. The summer playgroup, open to all FHP members, meets during much of the summer.

Is your preschool licensed and accredited?

Fort Hunt Preschool is licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Education ("VDOE"). VDOE conducts announced and unannounced inspections to monitor compliance with regulations regarding business operations, curriculum, safety, and health and also offers guidance and advice to its licensees.  

Who governs the school?

Fort Hunt Preschool is a parent-run cooperative. Therefore, a Board of Directors made up primarily of member families, is responsible for the policy and direction of the school. Our paid Director is responsible for the day-to-day running of the school and staff supervision.

Why should I volunteer my time when I have to pay?

Families gain knowledge and experience they can use at home. Children also benefit from seeing their family at school, where they see that learning is active and vital to your family.

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