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2s and 3s Virtual Tour
Explore below!

2s & 3s Downstairs Spaces:

Our 2s and 3s programs share the same spaces with 2s meeting on Tuesday and Thursdays and 3s meeting on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. Teachers will shift and rotate toys and educational materials based on the developmental needs of the different ages. Our downstairs classroom is made from two connected spaces, with huge windows to the front of the school, providing an abundance of natural light and a great view of our woodland surroundings. 

2s and 3s students are greeted by their teacher in The Pond Room with open art easels, sensory tables, and open-ended activities set up on tables. Students love taking turns feeding the class fish that live in this space!

The Pond Room

The Garden Room

2s and 3s students love the child-choice centers in The Garden Room. In this space they are free to explore Dramatic Play, Blocks, Reading, Puzzles, Manipulatives, Light, and Animal Centers. 

2s & 3s Upstairs Room:
We are not currently using this space, but we plan to reopen it for the 2024 - 2025 school year.

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