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School Jobs

School Jobs Are Assigned In The Spring Or Summer Each Year. Jobs May Vary, Depending On The Needs Of The Preschool.


Two year commitment with the first year as VP and the second year as President. Chairs board & membership meetings. With School Director, provides management or oversight for all school activities and responds to inquiries about the school and its operations.

Vice President/Family Liaison*

Two year commitment with the first year as VP and the second year as President. Performs president's duties in the event of absence or incapacity. Assigns non-Board jobs. Liaises between class parents and the Board. Records & notifies parents of maintenance and training hours.

Secretary/VCPC *

Takes minutes at all meetings & prepares synopsis for membership. Serves as the school's delegate to the Virginia Cooperative Preschool Council (VCPC) and attends VCPC meetings.


Has custody of school funds and keeps regular books of account. Receives tuition payments and levies fines. Makes all disbursements. Prepares tax forms and keeps all employee financial records. Prepares summarized monthly and full biannual financial reports. Supervises the preparation of the following year's budget.

Admissions Chairperson*

Acts as a liaison between the general public and the school for enrollment questions, answering inquiries about the school. Coordinates the Open House. Receives and processes applications. With the Admissions Committee, determines the composition of each class. Creates and maintains the school directory.

Educational Policy Chairperson*

Chairs the committee to hire new staff. Liaison between the Board, staff, and parents in matters of educational policy. Assists in translating the educational philosophy of the school into the classrooms. Organizes staff meetings and manages annual teacher evaluations.

Maintenance Chairperson*

Coordinates indoor & outdoor maintenance projects, scheduling parents as needed. Supervises summer maintenance in all classrooms and playground. Ensures that the school is in compliance with safety regulations and stocks emergency supplies.

Fundraising Chairperson*

Oversees and improves all the school fundraising efforts (not responsible for actual planning of each event). Meets regularly and communicates with the chairpersons of individual events.

Maintenance Assistants

Order mulch, play sand, & playground equipment. Run the maintenance days, supervising parent volunteers. Maintain cleaning supplies in the school.


Assistant Treasurer

Collects and records tuition payments. Follows up on missing payments. Deposits checks and fundraising monies.

Admissions Assistant

Assists Admissions Chair with Open House and application paperwork. Schedules and conducts tours for prospective members.

Class Parent

Prepares class parent helping schedule and assists VP in regular audits of family contact info. Organizes social events for families in the class. Maintains a class treasury and coordinates gifts for the teacher.

Fundraising Committees

Overseen by Fundraising Chair, each event will have a chairperson and several committee members to plan, advertise, coordinate and execute. Events include the annual Fall Festival and Spring Rummage Sale, as well as Winter and Spring fundraising events.

Director's Assistant

Assists the Director with administrative tasks. Monitors classroom supplies (e.g., paint). Maintains the school library. Runs and maintains records of monthly safety drills.


Updates and maintains the preschool's website and listserv. Ensures information is current and accurate.

Newsletter Editor

Publishes a weekly electronic school newsletter. Receives articles from Board members, teachers and school director, as well as submittals from other parents.

Publicity Coordinator

Promotes FHP functions and open enrollment. Works with Director and others to create and refine promotional material about the school.

Fundraiser Assistants

Solicit donations of goods and services from community organizations and FHP families for various fundraising events throughout the school year.

Alumni Coordinator

Maintains and improves communication with alumni. Develops new strategies to engage alumni.

Art Assistant

Restocks paint weekly & makes play dough monthly.

*Denotes Board of Directors position. Board members must regularly attend monthly Board meetings. Job descriptions are abbreviated.

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